Still live

My still lives come about by a lot of turning and shoving of the little pots, vases and jugs I use. It starts with collecting everything I would like to paint. In order to do so I generally combs a lot of antique markets, often together with my wife and both in the Netherlands as abroad.

For fruit I do not have to travel far. We are lucky to have an excellent green grocer where I can get everything I want to paint at that moment.

I have frequently made an arrangement which is changed during painting because it could be even better and more beautiful. I do not stop until I am entirely satisfied with the result. The composition and light are of utmost importance.


A touch of yellow
A touch of yellow
A touch of green
A touch of green
Gele pot met granaatappels
Gele pot met granaatappels sold
Blauwe vaas
Blauwe vaas
Wilde appeltjes
Wilde appeltjes sold
De oude golftas
De oude golftas
Malusappeltjes sold
Turquoise vaas
Turquoise vaas
Tikka pot en druiven
Tikka pot en druiven sold
Griekse fles met reine claude
Griekse fles met reine claude sold
Gele kan met appels
Gele kan met appels sold
Biologische uien
Biologische uien sold
Rode en blauwe vaas
Rode en blauwe vaas sold
Reine Victoria
Reine Victoria sold
Rode bus
Rode bus sold
Nisperos sold
Rijtje granaatappels
Rijtje granaatappels sold